Creative Christmas Ideas

Looking for something exciting and unique for this year’s Christmas Party? The Helping Hands or Water Works Program might be the perfect activity to wrap up the year with!

What is the Helping Hands Program?

In this program, ordinary people get in the Christmas Spirit by literally group-shot“giving a hand” to people in the developing world. In our program each participant gets to build a real prosthetic hand and that hand is donated to someone less fortunate.

For more information about Helping Hands check out:

What is the Water Works Program?

This program is similar to the Helping Hands Program except participants get a chance to build and test a life-saving water purification system. Your team gets an opportunity to physically assemble the system, test the way it works and even taste the finished product! For each water system built within our program photo-14-11-16-2-56-09-pmwe donate one to a family or school in Uganda. Effectively, your efforts help prevent life-threatening diseases for an entire family.

For more information about Water Works check out:

Irrespective of which program you choose to get involved in, they are both a great way to put things into perspective and get into the Christmas spirit together. Each participant walks away knowing that they’ve changed an individual or family’s life.

Looking for a Unique GIFT IDEA?

This year we have THREE GREAT GIFT IDEAS available for families that want to get involved in and support our programs:


Wanting to share the experience of building a hand with your family? Why not purchase a “family pack” which includes everything you need to change someone’s life this Christmas by giving someone in need a prosthetic hand:


Wanting to provide a family on the other side of the world with clean drinking water this Christmas? We have two great family packs to choose from:


inspired-workplaceOur latest book, The Inspired Workplace, is a brand new take on leadership and workplace culture that has been inspired by Matt’s travels as part of both Helping Hands and Water Works projects. It has been predicated on the assumption that the most inspiring people in the world are not those of us lucky enough to receive a private school education, but those people that have had to struggle against and overcome the most tragic of circumstances. If you’ve been involved in one of our programs in the past or even if you have just been monitoring our programs from afar our latest book might be the perfect gift idea. To order a hard copy version of our book please complete the order form found at this page:

Please note that there are alternative ways of ordering our book via other online retailers however they are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.

How can your organisation get involved?

Although we have a large number of bookings for December already, there are still a number of days free so please ACT FAST to check if there is a facilitator available for your upcoming session.

Even if our facilitators aren’t available on the day that you’d like to hold your function both Helping Hands and Water Works Programs have been designed so that you can easily take a Do It Yourself approach to either activities.

contents-4For more information about taking a DIY approach to Water Works please click here:

For more information about taking a DIY approach to Helping Hands please click here:

To find out more about Helping Hands go to our website at or contact our team at [email protected].

To find out more about Water Works, go to our website at or contact our team at [email protected]


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