Helping Hands Philanthropic Team Building – The Helping Hands Project is a truly unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement. More than just a team building or training activity, participants in our programs build prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee land mine victims throughout the developing world. The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution and in doing sore minds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity.

It is hard for us to communicate just how powerful the activity is in words alone, so we recently created a video all about it :

If, after watching the video, you would like to find out more information about the activity then just check out the following article:

Since our inception, HC has had a vision to change the way that people engage with their work. We have a range of survey and assessment tools that help leaders understand their people at a deeper level. Now, with the introduction of the “Helping Hands Program” we also offer an outstanding team building activity that truly enables organisations to motivate their people in a real and lasting way.
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360° Assessments – 360° Assessments are designed to increase an individual’s awareness of their own behaviour and performance in the workplace. In a 360° Assessment, feedback is obtained from multiple sources, including managers, co-workers, direct reports, customers and other stakeholders. Although the process can be confronting, it can often be a truly life changing experience for employees that are provided the opportunity to participate! We offer both a standardized 360° assessment tool, and the ability to tailor an assessment to meet the unique needs of your specific business. We offer a range of different reporting formats and even have a Team Report format which we believe is truly world leading.

In order to find out more about our unique 360° Assessment please click on the following link: Click Here

If you’d like to find out about developing your own 360° assessment please click on the following link: Click Here

If you’re specifically interested in finding out about our Team Report Format: Click Here
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Human Resources Policy, Process or Procedure Drafting – Our consultants have extensive experience writing best practice HR policies and procedures. If you require solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business then we are happy to draft something from scratch. Alternatively, if you are after a more cost effective option, you might be interested in purchasing our standard, Fair Work Act compliant, policies or procedures.
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Exit Interviews – We are confident that our exit interview product is the best of its kind in the market today. We find that although many organisations have an exit interview process, they very rarely analyse the data obtained via this process. Our exit interview services are unique in that they:

  • Enable ALL staff that leave the organisation to be interviewed in a cost effective and efficient way
  • Compare your results against robust industry benchmarks
  • Clearly identify trends in results over time
  • Provide real-time reporting that enable HR or Line Management to address any especially urgent issues immediately

If you are having trouble with staff retention then the best decision that you will ever make is talking to us about how we might be able to help.

For further information please see the attached brochure
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Psychological Assessment –Psychological assessment is becoming a very common part of most recruitment processes! Conducting a psychological assessment of candidates PRIOR to offering them a role can help avoid unnecessary additional training and turnover costs. It can also help managers avoid the significant additional time and energy associated with managing poor performers.

Psychological Assessment is also particularly useful for development or career-planning purposes. Often having a well conducted assessment performed helps individuals obtain a level of self-insight that they simply would not have been able to achieve any other way.

Our staff are experts in identifying the most critical competencies to assess (given your specific needs) and developing a testing strategy that meets your needs (and budget).

For general information please see the attached brochure

For information on some of the more specific types of tests that we have available please see the attached document

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People Due Diligence Assessments – If you are undertaking Merger and Acquisition activity within your business, chances are you have already commissioned a legal, financial and commercial due diligence program. However, it is our experience that often unknown human resources, industrial, cultural or talent-related problems can be very large impediments to a smooth transition. Why not engage HC’s expert consultants to give you a completely objective assessment of any people-related problems BEFORE you sign that sale and purchase agreement?

For further information please see the attached brochure.
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HR Process Assessments – No company’s Human Resources processes, policies, procedures or systems are perfect. HC utilises a standardised process to assess your company’s existing Human Resources policies, processes, procedures and systems against best practice and recommend an appropriate improvement program. All HR Process Assessments also take into consideration your organisation’s desired culture.

For further information please see the attached brochure
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Employee Opinion Surveys – Our Psychologists specialise in designing and administering best practice staff surveys. By outsourcing this activity to HC your organisation will benefit from a superior quality product with a faster turn-around time. This should also free up your managers and HR department to focus on interpreting results and action planning. We have invested heavily in developing an efficient, best practice, online survey platform so that you don’t have to!
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Mobile Phone Surveys – We also have the capability to administer surveys via web-enabled mobile phones. This method of data collection has a large number of benefits and is particularly useful when administering short surveys.

For further information please see the attached brochure
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Proprietary Organisational Assessments– We have a commitment to developing leading edge assessment tools that provide business leaders with simple, standardised and practical ways to measure several organisational phenomena. Currently, we have three proprietary tools available:

  • The Cultural Drivers Assessment (CDA) –The tool enables us to get to the root of any cultural issues and effect lasting change. Developed in conjunction with Team Focus International, this tool provides a way to assess the underlying causes of workplace culture, instead of just describing the culture itself. The tools enables us to get to the root of issues and effect lasting change.
  • The HC Employee Engagement Survey – This tool provides a quick way to assess employee engagement across multiple divisions within your organisation. Our engagement survey is more advanced than most as it measures 6 core constructs: Security, Satisfaction, Values Alignment, Organisational Commitment, Organisational Citizenship and Change Readiness.
  • Change Readiness Survey – This tool helps to identify which parts of your business are most ready for change (at any given time) and helps you to identify the types of initiatives that may be required to help manage any emerging issues. Correct use of this tool can greatly improve the way that you manage change in a large organisation.

For further information on these three tools please see the attached brochure
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Change Management – We have a wealth of experience managing large-scale change projects. Our consultants have the organisational design, project management and influencing skills to help you implement the changes required in your business with confidence. In addition, our consultants have access to our full range of our world-leading products, many of which are extremely beneficial during periods of significant change. For example:

  • Tools such as exit interviews, change readiness assessments and staff engagement surveys can provide valuable data to help monitor the change
  • Career transition / outplacement services can be used in the unfortunate circumstance where some staff are surplus to requirements
  • Due Diligence assessments are essential when the change involves a merger or acquisition
  • HR process improvement is normally required in order to shape the new desired into the future

By engaging an HC Consultant to help manage your change you can have confidence that they bring to the assignment a unique specialist set of skills to help you navigate through a very challenging time.

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