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Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process. Many organisations find themselves making significant investments in new recruits only to find out that within less than a year the employee chooses to leave. With research showing that the greatest chance of losing an employee is within the first 18 months, understanding the employee on boarding experience plays a big role in helping these new employees successfully fit into the organisation. One way to evaluate these processes is through the use of new starter survey.

New Starter Surveys (also known as entry interviews) are a great way to collect information about the employee perceptions about the recruitment and onboarding process but also their first impressions of the organisation overall.  Generally conducted within 2-3 months after the employee has started their new role.  With many companies already running exit interviews or engagement survey, onboarding surveys complement these and help to create a more rounded approach to collecting employee feedback at multiple stages of the employee life cycle. Consequently, giving you a better picture of hiring and retention within your organisation.

The introduction of such a survey can be of great benefit to the organisation:

  • Help identify any early issues or potential problems
  • Assess the effectiveness of the onboarding process. The information collected can be used to make improvement to the recruitment and onboarding experience of future hires
  • Reducing early staff turnover and associated costs with employee replacement costs
  • Analyse trends over time


Telephone or face-to-face interviews

The best way to find out as much information as possible from your new employees is to interview them either over the phone or face-to-face. This enables the interviewer to probe any issues of interest in detail and to respond to the staff members’ non-verbal cues.

Online & Paper-based Interviews

Sometimes, it is not possible to interview every new employee face-to-face. HC provides a cost effective online or paper-based solution to this problem. HC has a standard battery of new starter survey questions that our clients typically use. Alternatively, our systems are flexible and you are free to develop your own questions

To help new customers take the first steps with New Starter Surveys we’re announcing a special offer of free 12 month hosting of our standard online new starter survey (for new orders received prior to the end of September, 2016).

This offer will enable you to begin collecting valuable feedback from your new starters for minimal costs .

If you are interested in this special offer or would like to receive more information about our new starter surveys, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call on: (02) 8061 3918

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