NEW 360 Degree Assessment Options

Over the last few months we’ve been overwhelmed with the number of orders for our new 360 degree assessment tool. We’ve been flattered to hear from a range of clients right across the country that this instrument has filled a real gap in the market which has underpinned demand for the tool.

Given the increasing popularity of the instrument we’ve recently put our mind to broadening some of the report formats available for our regular users. Firstly, we have two alternate formats for individual 360 assessments available now (one of which is brand new). Secondly, we have also launched a fantastic new “Team Report” format. From our perspective it’s all about giving our clients as much choice as possible at an affordable rate.

The purpose of the Team Report format is to help identify the collective strengths and weaknesses of a group of individuals that has each gone through the 360 degree assessment process. It is especially useful when you want to use the 360 degree assessment process to challenge the way that a leadership team works together. The report shows both the spread of results across a team, along with aggregated strengths and weaknesses. Although the report format makes clear the range of results achieved for each given team, it does not do so in a way that breaches the anonymity of any one team member. That way, this new report format enables facilitators to really challenge the way a team operates as a collective, without singling out and embarrassing any one individual. Our Team Report can be obtained for just $500 plus GST which makes it one of the most affordable leadership development investments you will ever make. If you are interested in our 360 Team Report, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will send you out a copy of the sample report template.

Beyond administration of our generic tools, we have also been busy with a number of large-scale tailoring projects for clients. Development of a tailored 360 degree assessment tool can be critical for those clients who have already invested heavily in their own capability framework. That is because generic tools often lack the precise wording required to map results back against those unique frameworks. Many people assume that their organisation couldn’t possibly afford to tailor its very own 360 degree assessment tools. However, you might be surprised at how affordable this is with HC! Why not drop a line to one of our consultants via [email protected] and ask for a quote to tailor your company’s very own 360 degree assessment tool?

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