Exit Interview Industry Update Report – 2014


It is our pleasure to announce the NEW edition of our biannual Exit Interview Industry Update Report. Last year we released the first publication of this kind anywhere in the world and this year we have improved that publication even more.

This report is compulsory reading for all HR Professionals or Senior Managers who take retention of their staff seriously. Last year’s report revealed some key insights into inter-generational differences, gender based differences and differences based on industry type and not-for-profit status. This year’s analysis has revealed some additional cutting edge insights. So, if you don’t know the answer to the following questions, then maybe you should purchase a copy of our report:

  • Where are Australia’s most dissatisfied employees based?
  • What is the “four year itch”?
  • Have you ever thought of segmenting your retention strategy based on length of service?
  • What is the training accessibility gap and why might it be closing?
  • Which diversity practices differ by industry?
  • Which industries appear to have a strength in safety and remuneration?

Features of our Industry Update Report are:

  • Analyses the exit interview responses from 1365 exiting staff members from across Australia.
  • Not only investigates common reasons for leaving but also a broad range of other attitudes towards their past employers.
  • Investigates trends over the last 18 months.
  • Examines differences in employee response patterns by tenure, age, gender, employee type, state and role.
  • Dissects differences between a range of employers based on industry-type and for-profit versus not-for-profit status.

If you already have an exit interview process in place but have never had any benchmarks to compare results against this report will be perfect for you! We would like to think that it might also encourage you to take the plunge and consider using our world-class exit interview services in the future.

This report is the culmination of 9 years work at HC. It’s valuable intellectual property and is likely to give your organisation a competitive edge in the war for talent.  This year we are introducing more competitive pricing for our report to make it more accessible.  For those people who have already puchased a copy of our report last year we are pleased to offer this year’s copy for just $200 + GST. Existing HC customers can get a copy of the report for $350 + GST or $450 +GST for new customers.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Order your copy right away by calling us on (02) 8061-3918 or dropping us a line at [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Exit Interview Industry Update Report – 2014”

  1. Not sure if my HR Dept has ever used your good services or reports. In the Imported Car Biz….USA — any other appropriate and insightful papers/ studies in our Industry- Germans and Japanese cars … gave up on Coventry and Solihul ! ..& Swedish “Meatballs ” !! Thank you. NY State—Albany — Capitol 518–724-1015 x 111

    1. Hi Alexander,

      Unfortunately we don’t have specific results for the German and Japanese car industry as our report analyses the results of responses from Australian and New Zealand exit interview employees. However, as the number of people using our exit interview services increases we do envisage reporting results on a more diverse range of employees.

      I will send you an email with some additional information shortly.

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