Workplace Pulse Survey System Launch – Free Credits Available

We are pleased to announce that Workplace Pulse, our self-service survey platform, is launching today! To celebrate, we’re offering all readers a chance to get 100 free credits for use on our system. Read further to find out how!

Workplace Pulse will be the FIRST SYSTEM OF ITS KIND ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  In designing this system we explicitly wanted to make best practice survey instruments accessible to ALL companies (big and small). When we first began designing this website 2 years ago, it was clear the survey industry was focussing on the big end of town. At the time, if you genuinely needed to find out what your employees thought about your company, then you would have to be willing to spend a premium to utilise a sound, research-based tool. The alternative was to utilise one of the many free survey websites on the market. However, for many reasons those “free” websites provide an unsatisfactory experience; especially if you were looking to develop professional looking reports and be able to compare your results against robust industry benchmarks. With Workplace Pulse we believe that we have solved this problem forever!

What makes Workplace Pulse different? Here are just a sample of features that we’ve built into our system:

  • Free to join and trial any of our services.
  • Free to tailor each service by adding your company logo and incorporating your company structure into the survey.
  • Instant report production to a professional standard.
  • A range of benchmarks saved within the system that can be incorporated into our reports at a the push of a button.
  • Multiple user access levels available for each account.
  • A credit based payment approach that rewards heavy users of the system.
  • Significantly more affordable than all other systems in the market (in some instances over 75% less)!

Workplace Pulse will initially be launching with two great products:

  • Exit Interviews
  • 360 Degree Assessments

Over the next couple of months we will gradually be releasing a range of other services :

  • Entry Interviews
  • Engagement Surveys
  • Change Readiness Surveys
  • Culture Surveys; and
  • Employee Opinion Surveys

We’re looking to be a disruptive influence for good in the survey industry with Workplace Pulse. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large, if your budget is constrained or growing, we believe that EVERY COMPANY should have the tools in place to find out what their employees think, feel and value. We honestly believe that this website has changed the survey industry forever and we hope that you agree!

To celebrate the launch of Workplace Pulse we are offering our readers a special deal. Just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will email you a unique coupon code which will provide you with 100 free credits on our system. That’s $100 of value and is enough to conduct one of our world-leading 360 degree assessments for free.

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