A new entity is born!

As of January 1, 2012, our business will cease trading as Henricks Consulting and will commence trading as Henricks Consulting Pty Ltd. Although this is only a small change, we are confident that our new company structure will enable us to provide better services to our customers than we would otherwise have been able to do.

In the most part, our customers should not experience any inconvenience as a result of this change. If anything our services to you should be better! Any outstanding invoices written up until December 31, 2011 and issued by Henricks Consulting should still be paid into our old bank account listed on the invoice concerned. Then from January 1, our invoices will look the same, just with a “Pty Ltd” at the end and you will need to update your records with our new bank account details and ABN!

For those clients that have long-term contracts with us (such as those clients who utilise our exit interview services), it is of course our intention to honour any pre-existing commitments made as Henricks Consulting. However, we will be in touch in coming months with each of you to ensure that all existing contracts are updated to reflect our new company details.

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