Christmas Holiday Obligations

With the holiday season approaching quickly, some of you may be confused about your public holiday obligations over the 2011-2012 festive season. The following summary has been adapted from a timely newsletter article recently published by one of our partner organisations, Nelson Consulting Group. As this is not core business for HC, if you have any further questions about this topic please feel free to contact Nelson Consulting Group directly via

Always check the relevant Industrial Instrument first

The first step that you should take when considering your festive season obligations is to check your relevant industrial instrument. The relevant instrument will be different for every company and role but will typically be either an Award, Enterprise Agreement, Individual Contract or combination of all three.

Check which days are Gazetted as public holidays in your state

Some of you may not be aware but every year, each state and territory makes a decision about which days of the year will be gazetted as public holidays. The following table is a summary to help you quickly identify some of the differences this year.

 Scenario specific obligations

The implications of public holidays will be different for each business depending on how you choose to manage each of your staff. The following table summarises some common situations, along with the implications for pay of each situation.


The above summary tables were produced by Nelson Consulting Group. They are intended to be general summary information only. The contents of the tables and this blog in its entirety does not constitute professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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