HR beliefs about effective practices

Research suggests that there are large discrepancies between HR practitioner’s beliefs in relation to best practice and what the actual research findings tell us. Take this short quiz to find out about your approach to best HR practices!

 Management Practices
 1 In order to be evaluated favorably by line managers, the most important competency for HR managers is the ability to manage change.  T  F
 2 Once employees have mastered a task, they perform better when they are told to “do their best” than when they are given specific, difficult performance goals.  T  F
 3 Companies with very low rates of professional turnover are less profitable than those with moderate turnover rates.  T  F
 4 On average, encouraging employees to participate in decision making is more effective for improving organizational performance than setting performance goals.  T  F
  General Employment Practices
 5 Despite the popularity of drug testing, there is no clear evidence that applicants who score positive on drug tests are any less reliable or productive employees. T F
 6 Teams with members from different functional areas are likely to reach better solutions to complex problems than teams from a single area.  T  F
 7 Most people over evaluate how well they perform on the job.  T  F
 8 Most errors in performance appraisals can be eliminated by providing training that describes the kinds of errors managers tend to make and suggesting ways to avoid them.  T  F
 9 The most valid employment interviews are designed around each candidate’s unique background.  T  F
 10 Although there are “integrity tests” that try to predict whether someone will steal, be absent, or otherwise take advantage of an employer, they don’t work well in practice because so many people lie on them.  T  F
 11 There is very little difference among personality inventories in terms of how well they predict an applicant’s likely job performance  T  F
 12 On average, conscientiousness is a better predictor of job performance than is intelligence.  T  F

Quiz questions and information has been adapted from Rynes, S. L., Colbert, A. E., & Brown, K. G. (2002). HR professionals’ beliefs about effective human resource practices: correspondence between research and practice. Human Resources Management

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