Helping Hands: Recipients during 2012

This short video shows a sample of people from across the world who have recieved a prosothetic hand as a result of the Helping Hands program during the first 9 months of 2012.

The recipients are people who would otherwise have not been able to afford a prosthetic limb. However, thanks to the LN-4 Hands and the teams that have built the hands, these recipients have been the given the gift of a prosthetic hand absolutely free of charge. The hands that we build might seem basic to us, but the gift of just being able to grip something with their new prosthetic hand is something that will literally change each recipients life for the better.

So far Australians have changed 182 lives as part of this program, and aim to change 1000 by the end of 2013.



For further information about the Helping Hands Program click on the following link:

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