Special Offer: Exit Interview

Do you know what the biggest driver of turnover is in your organisation?

As we are approaching the end of this financial year and finalising business plans for next year, now is the perfect time to consider introducing an Exit Interview.

Exit interviews help organisations understand why employees choose to leave. Access to this information can lead to many beneficial outcomes such as  helping to reduce future turnover as well as minimising resources spent on recruitment and training activities of new staff.

To help new customers take the first step with exit interviews, we’re announcing a special offer of free 12 month hosting of our standard online exit interview (for new orders received prior to the end of June, 2016).

This offer will enable you to begin collecting valuable feedback from your outgoing staff immediately at no cost. It will also give you access to all of the features that are included within our premium service packages without having to commit to ongoing services.

Key features of our online Exit Interview:

• Provide your employees with the confidence to provide confidential feedback by administering the interview using an external party.
• Include a balance of quantitative and qualitative questions
• Compare your organisation’s results against robust internal and external benchmarks
• Assess the impact of significant company initiatives on your employees
• Analyses trends in data over time
• Compare results across divisions or demographic groups

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