Making a difference in Cambodia

Recently, a representative from the Ellen Meadows Foundation, shared this video with me.

It shows in human terms the amazing impact that each of our clients is having when they get involved in the Helping Hands Program.

This video shows the immediate joy in the faces of people who receive the hands that our participants build. It shows how thrilled people are at just being able to do essential tasks a little bit better than they otherwise would be able to. There is no concern of appearance or awkwardness at the time they are receiving the hand.

This (fabulous) video was produced by Karmina Landicho, a student at CSU Fullerton and we hope that you all enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “Making a difference in Cambodia”

  1. I really appreciate this post of my work. It was an incredible experience which I continue to reflect on every morning when I wake up. Watching this video I shot/wrote/edited completely on my own still puts tears to my eyes, today…

    Just a small correction: I was a student at CSU Fullerton.

    Again, I whole-heartedly thank you for watching this true-to-life story.

    1. Thank YOU so much for producing this video and being a part of such an amazing initiative!

      Also – thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the reference to read CSU Fullerton on both our site and also youtube.

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