Exit Interviews

A good exit interview system is one of the cheapest sources of intelligence regarding the health of your organisation.

A well designed system will enable you to:

  • Improve employee retention and prevent turnover
  • Effectively benchmark performance against industry and company norms;
  • Assess the impact of significant company initiatives;
  • Analyse trends over time;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.

Many organisations do not even have a standardised exit interview system in place, let alone make any attempt to analyse the data that they gain from such a system. Some of the common pitfalls that we have observed in exit interview design include:

  • Limited attempt to analyse and report on the data;
  • Confused reporting which limits the impact of the data;
  • Poor balance of quantitative and qualitative questions;
  • No effort to benchmark results against best practice or compare results to relevant norms;
  • Lost opportunities to ask specific questions relating to recent initiatives

Unfortunately, most staff are not entirely honest when exit interviews are conducted by in-house personnel. Our research suggests that the only way of ensuring that the results of your exit interview are unbiased is to engage a third party to conduct the interviews on your behalf. With over 35 years combined experience in survey design, HR information systems and exit interviews, we are better placed than any other business to design a tailored solution that meets your needs.


  • Helps improve employee retention and prevent employee turnover
  • Effectively benchmark performance against industry and company norms
  • Assesses the impact of significant company initiatives
  • Analyses trends in data over time


Telephone or face-to-face interviews
The best way to find out as much information as possible from your departing employees is to interview them either over the phone or face-to-face.This enables the interviewer to probe any issues of interest in detail and to respond to the exiting staff members non-verbal cues.

Online & Paper-based Interviews
Sometimes, it is not possible to interview every exiting staff member face-to-face. HC provides a cost effective online or paper-based solution to this problem. HC has a standard battery of exit interview questions that our clients typically use. By utilising our standard questions we are able to report how your organisation performs relative to our other clients.Alternatively, our systems are flexible and you are free to develop your own questions

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